Here's what a few Billipp Knives customers have to say:

"I do not know how to describe it in words - it is just stunning. The hand forged finished is something I have not seen before. The damascus is fine, gritty and wild. Thank you very much for this absolutely incredible knife." - Matus Kalisky,  Aalen, Germany


"Holy crap Andy. I can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun with food prep. I’m just a home cook, but… been around the block a few times and my knives don’t suck. Yours blew every one of them away." - John Brandeis, Denver, CO


"Just wanted to take a second to say thank you again. Your knife is nothing shy of pure joy working with. Every time I pull this guy out to use, I'm always impressed by it's looks and charm on the board. You've certainly taken knife making to an entirely unique and organic level that shows in every aspect." -Marc Dixon, Exececutive Chef at Bistro Blanc, Glenelg, Maryland


"I'm really impressed by this knife, to be honest... the craftsmanship is fantastic, and strikes that beautiful balance between rustic and refined. The grind is very very nice. Andy has managed to make a knife that has tons of soul, while still being beautifully (and cleanly) constructed." - Tom McLean,, London, Ontario.